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CADlink DTF Edition for Desktop Printers| DTF Software

  • Reference: 94CADLINKRIP-DP

Specific CADlink DTF Edition software, RIP for basic Direct-To-Film printers type DP1 and DP2.


NSP-DTF presents the best RIP on the market for DTF: the CADlink DTF Edition software for desktop DTF printers of type DP1 and DP2.

In this DTF management solution, you can easily select the colour profile for DTF inks. You will then get the best results with your Direct-To-Film prints, with brilliant and vivid colours.

Boost your DTF production with this new software developed by CADLink, a leading RIP software company. 

Why use a specific RIP like CADlink DTF Edition for DP1 and DP2 desktop printers? 

NSP-DTF advises you to use the RIP solution with a specific profile like ours, as you have a simple and powerful solution. This production and management solution respects the predefined colour parameters. This means that you will get a print with colours that are true to your original file. CADlink DTF Edition also offers unparalleled production and management tools. The aim is to efficiently organise the production chain from start to finish.

Features of CADlink DTF Edition for desktop printers 

This special DTF RIP software offers you many advantages:

  • Queue-based RIP and custom print modes allow you to automate print workflows;
  • Automatic generation of blank overprints (does not need to be configured in the design program, as in AcroRip);
  • Simple white ink management tools;
  • Easy to use colour adjustment tools;
  • KnockMeOut Black and Colour to automatically remove backgrounds or black to achieve colour combinations on garments;
  • Import filters for all graphic image formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, PSD, AI, PDF, EPS, SVG;
  • Send to add-ons for Corel, Photoshop and Ai;
  • Large image resampling filter;
  • Single copy, mosaic and step and repeat functions;
  • Ability to add halftone effects as well as holes and stripes for better garment combinations (similar to white toner transfer printing);
  • Active folders and barcode support for automation/production;
  • Integrated costing tool;
  • Schedule and automate your head cleaning in the RIP;
  • Colour replacement tool;
  • Supports CMYK + RGB workflows;
  • True 64-bit operating system support (Windows 7.1/8x/10);