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DP2 Fast DTF Desktop Printer | Direct-To-Film Printer

  • Reference: 95DTFDP2

The Direct-To-Film printer, DP2 Fast DTF Desktop Printer, use the Epson DX5 printheads. Print high-quality designs quickly !


Direct-To-Film printing will revolutionise the textile printing industry. Quickly print high-quality designs with mind-blowing details. This textile printing process is easy to use for your customisations T-shirts, with a little practice.

The DTF is made 4 steps: Print your design or illustration on the DTF special transfer film. Apply Direct-To-Film powder and cure it. With this step you will be able to transfer and easily fix your personalisation, with the use of a textile to heat press.

The "DP2 Fast DTF" Direct-To-Film Printer is a DTF system that perfectly reproduces your prints in great detail and vivid colours. Its printing speed is ideal for mass production.

The benefits of DTF Printing and DP2 printer.

The "DP2 Fast DTF" direct to film printer offers many advantages:

  • A DTF printer that produces several hundred parts per day
  • Use the Epson DX5 printhead
  • DTF white ink mixer included
  • Temperature and humidity control sensors for successful printing
  • DTF transfer film heater, which allows more ink to be deposited on your transfer film. Which reproduces vibrant colors.
  • Allow you to achieve a perfect reproduction, of high quality, at a low cost without using any pretreatment solution on your garment.
  • Suitable for a combination with Roll Holder and PDRY1 (duster for printing from roll to roll)